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Naresh Bhakar is a Founder and Owner of Pharmaguddu.com. Pharmaguddu is a free platform for Pharmaceutical professionals working in pharmaceutical industries; Pharmaguddu delivers vital knowledge and provides industry experts with a better understanding of Pharmaceutical Guidelines and GMP. For any business, inquiries email us at [email protected] Thank you for a visit to Pharmaguddu.com/

About Pharmaguddu?

I was always thinking to provide valuable knowledge to others. Then I got an opportunity in 2019. I Searched for many things on google about how to get a platform to provide knowledge to others who work in the Pharmaceutical industry. Finally, I got ideas and started to work on Google as long as We continued to search and apply our knowledge on such a great platform. Now we are getting a good response after too much hard work and struggle. Now we have thousands of subscribers and Followers on different media platforms. Thank you for all your Love and Support.

Members and editors at Pharmaguddu?

Naresh Bhakar (Founder) = B. Pharma, Experienced in Production Department, Worked in Well Reputed Regulatories Pharma companies.

Panks Pamyal (editors)=B. Pharma, Experienced in Quality control Department, Worked in top MNCs.

Satpal Singh (editors) = M. Pharma, Well Exposure in Regulatory and Documentation.

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