13 Prerequisites for Successful Validation

Prerequisites for Successful Validation

In this article let’s understand the Prerequisites for Successful Validation and Improving Validation Processes in Pharmaceutical Firms. Validation was implied in the 1960s, almost four decades ago. What has changed over the last 30 to 40 years? Has the overall understanding of the term improved? Have all responsible firms truly adopted validation? Are they doing … Read more

Validation Summary Report (VSR) along with Practical Approach

Validation Summary Report (VSR)

In this article, we will discuss the validation summary report for a computerized system in the pharmaceutical industry. The following section explains 10 components of VSR along with examples and statements. What a Validation Summary Report? Let’s understand what a validation summary report is. It’s a report where you capture all the details of performed … Read more

Responsibilities of the Validation Team to Meet the cGMP Compliance

Purpose: The purpose is to describe the responsibility and functions of the validation team to meet the cGMP complianceResponsibility: It is the responsibility of all concerned departments to follow the procedure. The QA manager is responsible for compliance. Procedure: Validation CoordinatorAll validation activities through the different progress steps should be coordinated by one person, preferably … Read more

Cleaning Validation Protocol for Pharmaceutical Equipments

The Cleaning Validation Protocol is an essential part to execute the cleaning validation process. Title of  Contents Objective Scope Responsibility Procedure Sampling Plan Sampling Points Test/Method Acceptance Criteria ANNEXURE A – Cleaning Validation Test Request Form ANNEXURE B – Cleaning Validation Test Report ANNEXURE C – Cleaning Validation Test Report 1.0 OBJECTIVE To assure that … Read more

Fundamentals of Validation SOP

Purpose: The goal of establishing Fundamentals of Validation SOPs is to help the parent business, affiliates, and contract manufacturers understand and maintain the validation program in order to meet GMP regulations. Responsibility: The quality assurance manager is responsible for developing and maintaining the validation program. Compliance with SOPs is the responsibility of departmental managers and contrac­tors. … Read more

Facility Upgrade Master Validation Plan

PURPOSE: This Master Validation Plan will give general guidelines for which modifications, additions, and reconstruction will be made in such a way that validation of the facility will be possible. In addition to satisfying building, codes upgrades will have to satisfy Environmental Room requirements. SCOPE: Installation Qualifications and Operation Qualification will be conducted in the … Read more

MACO and NOEL Calculation for cleaning Validation

MACO and NOEL Calculation

MACO and NOEL calculations have great importance in the pharmaceutical industries. NOEL refers to “No observed effect level” and MACO is a “Maximum allowable carryover”. NOEL is used to determine MACO during cleaning validation. NOEL Calculation: NEOL is calculated by using LD50 and average. Adult dose. LD50 is a lethal dose (it may vary), considered an adult’s … Read more

Difference Between Validation, Calibration, and Qualification in Pharma

Difference Between Validation, Calibration, and Qualification

There is often confusion surrounding the terms validation, calibration, and qualification within the pharmaceutical industry. Let’s explore their differences with explanatory examples. Difference among Validation, Calibration, and Qualification 1. Qualification: Qualification is the process of planning, conducting, and documenting test results performed on equipment to confirm its operational capability. It demonstrates that the equipment will … Read more

Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) in Pharmaceutical

Factory acceptance test (FAT)

After completing the Design Specification and Design Qualification for new equipment, a user inspection is typically conducted before the delivery to the site. This inspection is referred to as the Factory Acceptance Test (FAT). The manufacturer of a machine will prepare the FAT protocol based on the Design Qualification, as per the built machine specification, … Read more

Autoclave Validation | Study on temperature Probes

Autoclave validation temp probes

Autoclave validation is required to get effective Sterilization to ensure good product quality and also sterility of glassware and media used for analysis is very important for product manufacturing. Ineffective autoclave validation may cause deviation in sterility and it may lead to a false result. So data loggers play a very important role in recording the … Read more

Water System Validation and Phases in 2024

Water System validation

Validation of the water system is important in the pharmaceutical industry. Water is extensively used in the manufacturing process at various stages. Throughout manufacturing, water is consistently generated and distributed, making it unusable to test and analyze every quantity used in production. To ensure consistent quality standards, it’s essential to validate the treatment, generation, storage, … Read more

Cleaning Method Validation in Pharmaceutical by FDA

Cleaning method validation

Pharmaceutical products are generally contaminated by microorganisms, cleaning agents, or other materials, But in many cases, it may be due to the repeated use of the same equipment for processing. To avoid this problem FDA introduced the Cleaning method validation process for pharmaceutical industries. The cleaning procedure must be strictly followed to execute the cleaning method. Normally … Read more

4 Types Process Validation in Pharmaceutical and Protocol


Validation is the established document evidence or proof that provides a high degree of assurance. A particular method can systematically produce a product that meets its predetermined specifications and quality attributes. Process validation is also a component of the validation, which is explained below. Introduction to Pharmaceutical Validation: The Importance of Validation in Pharmaceutical Validation … Read more