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SOP on Reconciliation & Destruction of Packing materials.

1.0 OBJECTIVE: To lay down a procedure for the reconciliation & destruction of packing materials.
2.0 SCOPE: This Standard operating procedure is applicable to the reconciliation & destruction of packing materials in the production area.
Officer, and Executive – to follow procedure.
Manager – Production Department- overall compliance with this SOP.

SOP on Reconciliation & Destruction of Packing materials.


4.1 Batch-wise reconciliation shall be done as per the respective BPR.
4.2 Enter the details in the ‘Reconciliation of Packing Material’ table in the BPR.
4.3 Count the rejected units after completion of packing operation and collect them in a separate polybag for destruction.
4.4 Record the rejects in the BPR. (Rejects will include all unused, overprinted, loose primary and secondary packing material or rejected due to online detection of any defect.)
4.5 Follow the below-mentioned procedure for the destruction of various packing materials.

4.6 Aluminum Foil, PVC/ PVDC Film

4.6.1 On completion of the batch, weigh the scrap and trim to record the foil rejections on the respective BPR.
4.6.2 Ensure that foil rejection does not contain any product. Return the unused good quantity of Aluminum foil, and PVC/PVDC Film in rolls to stores.
4.6.3 Collect all the rejected printed packing material (Printed Aluminum Film, PVC/ PVDC film) and transfer it to the scrap area for destruction. Collect the material in a polybag, tie it properly, and label it as “SCRAP”.

4.7 Labels, Cartons, Leaflets, and Catch Covers

4.7.1 In case of cartons/ labels/catch covers rejected during overprinting, destroy the rejection by tearing it into pieces and record the quantity in the respective batch record.
4.7.2 On completion of batch count and record quantity of the rejected and unused
(Overprinted or blank) materials.
4.7.3 Destroy these materials by tearing them into pieces and transfer to the scrap area.

4.8 Shipper

4.8.1 On completion of batch, count and record quantity of corrugated boxes. Deface and tear this shipper and transfer it to the scrap area.
4.8.2 Transfer the above material to the scrap yard.

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BPR: Batch Packing Record
PVC: Poly Vinyl Chloride
PVdC: Poly Vinylene Chloride
Q.A.: Quality Assurance
SOP: Standard Operating Procedure

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