SOP on operation and calibration of autoclave

The autoclave is playing a vital role in the Microbiology department.  Before testing any material, except the sample, all preparations including glassware must be autoclaved for sterilization of the preparations ( free from microbial load ).

1.0  Objective: To lay down standard operating procedure on operation and calibration of autoclave

 2.0 Scope: This procedure is applicable to Microbiology Department.

3.0 Responsibility:

3.1 Microbiologists are responsible for the implementation of this SOP.
3.2 Head of Microbiology to overall compliance to this SOP

4.0 Procedure for Autoclave Calibration:

4.1 Ensure that the equipment is free from dust.
4.2  Ensure that the main switch is off.
4.3 Open the handle screws completely.
4.4 Press the bottom gear using a leg to open the lid and set aside the lid and remove the leg.
4.5 Transfer the DM water into the autoclave up to the above level of the heating coil.
(Ensure always the coil must be a dip in the DM water and maintain the water accordingly)
4.6 Place the load chamber (drum) in the autoclave.
4.7 Load the chamber with sterilizing preparation load and calibration sticker in the autoclave.
4.8 Press the bottom gear and set the lid properly and screwed completely using handle screws.
4.9 Open the steam release valve completely.
4.10 Switch on the main and a main switch on the autoclave.

4.11 Observe for heating and wait for some time for steam is releasing from the pipe of the steam release valve.
4.12 Close the steam release valve. Wait for some time for the vacuum pressure is reaching to the 15 PSI.
4.13 Record the time and maintain the pressure for about 15 PSI

4.14 At an end of the 15 minutes, release the steam valve, ensure the pressure needle comes to 0 marks, and wait for 5 minutes.
4.15 Switch off the equipment and followed the main switch.
4.16 Unscrew completely using handles of the lid.
4.17 Press the gear provided at bottom of the autoclave to open the lid and set the lid on one side.

4.18 Replace carefully the load of the glassware from the autoclave.
4.19 Remove the calibration sticker from the autoclave and observe the indication color for
sterilization of the load.
4.20 The calibration sticker should be stored and recorded with date and time.
4.21 The load is considered sterilized and useful for testing.
4.22 Observe the water level in the autoclave and add some quantity of DM water to maintain the
required level.
4.23 Press the bottom gear with the leg and place the lid properly.

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