SOP on Procedure for Operating a Centrifuge Machine

Standard Operating Procedure for Operating a Centrifuge Machine, This Standard Opеrating Procеdurе (SOP) provides еssеntial procedure and operation of the Centrigue machine.

image demonstrating a Centrifuge Machine and their operation

1.0 Objective: The primary aim of this guideline is to establish the step-by-step process for effectively using the Centrifuge Machine.

2.0 Scope: This Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) outlines the procedure for the proper operation of the Centrifuge Machine.

3.0 Responsibilities: Junior Officer/Officer/Microbiologist: Responsible for executing the machine’s operation according to the specified procedure.
QA Officer/QA Manager: Responsible for reviewing records and managing the documentation.

4.0 Procedure for Centrifuge Machine:
4.1 Opening and Preparation: Open the lid of the centrifuge instrument.
4.2 Carefully load the required material into the tubes.
4.3 Ensure that each tube contains an equal volume of material.
4.4 Place the loaded tubes onto the test tube stand of the instrument. If the tubes are not equally filled, distribute them on opposite sides to maintain balance.
4.5 Connect the three-pin plug to the main power source.
4.6 Turn on the mains power switch.

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5.0 Operation of Centrifuge Machine:
5.1 Switch on the centrifuge instrument.
5.2 Gradually adjust the speed control knob from minimum to maximum until the desired speed is achieved.
5.3 Adjust the desired test time duration using the timer knob.
5.4 Allow the centrifuge to operate at the desired rpm until the set time is reached.
5.5 When the timer reaches ’00’, the centrifuge function will automatically stop.
5.6 Wait for the centrifuge to come to a complete stop and observe the speed meter reading “00”.
5.7 Open the lid, carefully remove the test tubes, and assess the obtained results.
5.8 After completing the necessary tasks, turn off the centrifuge instrument.
5.9 Turn off the mains power switch.

6.0 Abbreviations
SOP: Standard Operating Procedure
QA: Quality assurance
RPM: Rotation per minute

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