SOP on Verification of Sugar Dissolving Tank, Manufacturing and Holding Tank

1.0 Objective: To lay down a procedure for the Verification of the sugar dissolving tank, manufacturing tank, and holding tank.
2.0 Scope: The procedure is applicable to the verification of the sugar dissolving tank, manufacturing tank, and holding tank, installed in the Liquid orals Department.

3.0 Responsibility
Officer, and Executive – Production Department for implementation of this procedure.
Manager – Production Department for overall compliance to this procedure

4.0 Procedure

4.1 Calibration of tank
4.1.1 Physically verify the tank is cleaned.
4.1.2 Check the calibration status of the weighing balance, it should be calibrated.
4.1.3 Check the temperature of purified water is 25±1ºC, if not maintain it.
4.1.4 Place the SS container on the weighing balance and tare it.
4.1.5 Weigh 49.80 kg of purified water, it will be equivalent to 50 lits of purified water
( considering density of water 0.99602 gm/ml)
4.1.6 Manually Transfer the purified water to the tank.
4.1.7 Ensure that there is no loss during transfer.
4.1.8 Verify the water level in the tank on baffle plate marking and record the observation.
4.1.9 The difference between theoretical volume ( Tv) and checked volume (Cv) should be in prescribed tolerance limits.
4.1.10 Repeat step no. 4.1.3 to 4.1.9 with 49.80 kg of purified water till the required volume of purified water is transferred.
4.2.11 If the calibration is satisfactory, affix the calibration label to the side of the tank as per Annexure-I.
Note: If the calibration is not satisfactory, the apparatus shall be rectified by the engineering dept. Recalibrate the apparatus after maintenance.

4.3 Frequency: Once a year.

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SOP: Standard Operating Procedure
gm: gram
ml: Milliliter

calibration status

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