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What is GMP ­­­| cGMP | GMP Principle

Good manufacturing practice and current good manufacturing practice are both terms correlated with each other. Both GMP and cGMP same purpose and functionality, They work together to achieve the quality, efficacy, and Productivity of a product’s goods.

GMP and cgmp

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GMP and cGMP stands

GMP stands for good manufacturing practice, while cGMP stands for current good manufacturing practice.

What is GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice)

Good manufacturing practice is a set of guidelines which are come under the food and drug administration’s (FDA) under the authority of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act. Without validation terminology, Good Manufacturing Practice ensures the quality of products. Good manufacturing practice evolves in every step from the manufacturing start to end of the final products to certify the quality.

Principle of GMP

  • Follow the written procedure as per the given instruction.
  • Process control and components
  • Validate document work
  • Facilities Design, instruments, and construction
  • Help to minimize contamination.
  • Conduct planned and audits periodically.

What is cGMP

What c is denoted in GMP C stands for current, “c” should be written in small later for something new changes, the product manufacturing in according to current Good manufacturing practice guidelines. For, e.g., implementing a sensor system or virtual sensor for equipment helps minimize product risk and provides high-quality products in less time. Another excellent example of cGMP is the adoption of the PIC/S GMP version announced by TGA in 2017.

However, its cost may be rise. Means current good manufacturing practice guidelines help in improving the better quality of products. cGMP regulation has its benefits, but the only drawback is that it increases the cost of a product because of the involvement of new technology. The FDA was continuously going through the implementation of new guidelines to improve the quality, efficacy, and purification of manufactured products.

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