Microbiology involves, ensure the quality of raw materials before they execute in the production area, monitor the microbiological quality of the environment. All articles will be updated regularly as per GMP and Regulatory Requirement.

SOP operation and Cleaning BOD Incubator Microbiology Department

1.0 Objective: To get reliable and consistent results, we must ensure the Operation And Cleaning of the BOD Incubator and… Read More

SOP on cleaning / Sanitization Microbiology Department.

1.0 Objective: SOP On Cleaning Procedure Microbiology department, the department must be cleaning and Sanitization according to the prescribed procedure. 2.0… Read More

Procedure for Destruction microbial waste by autoclaving

1.0 Objective: 1.1 To lay down the procedure of Destruction of microbial waste by autoclaving. 2.0 Scope: 2.1 This SOP applies to carry out the… Read More

Difference between Static and Dynamic Pass box

Difference between Static and Dynamic Pass box

Pass box is one of the cleanroom systems used to transfer materials from one area to another through a controlled… Read More

Cleaning procedure for Sterility failure investigation

1.0 AIM: To lay down the cleaning procedure for Sterility failure investigation. 2.0 SCOPE: This SOP applies to carry out the cleaning procedure for the… Read More

SOP on operation of Laminar airflow in a micro laboratory.

1.0 AIM: To lay down the procedure of Operation of Laminar airflow in the microbiology laboratory. 2.0 SCOPE: This SOP applies to carry out the… Read More

Aseptic and Sterile in Pharmaceutical

In pharmaceuticals, the terms aseptic and sterile are significant concerns, and sometimes it is not easy to understand the differences… Read More

Sterile Assurance Level (SAL) vs. Log reduction

Sterile Assurance level (SAL) assured the effectiveness of the sterilization method. This Express, the one product item in a lot,… Read More