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Procedure for Destruction microbial waste by autoclaving

1.0 Objective: 1.1 To lay down the procedure of Destruction of microbial waste by autoclaving.

2.0 Scope: 2.1 This SOP applies to carry out the procedure of Destruction of microbial wastes by autoclaving in a microbiology laboratory

3.0 Responsibility: 3.1 Executive Microbiologist/ Microbiologist/

3.1.1 Preparation of SOP

3.1.2 Training to new joiners.

3.1.3 To perform an activity.

3.1.4 Keep data as per GDP

4.0 Distribution:

4.1 Master Copy- Quality Assurance Department

4.2 Control copy- Quality Control Department

5.0 Procedure:

5.1 Wear mouthpiece and hand gloves prior to starting the Destruction of microbial waste and collect all waste media and contaminated glassware to a discarding area.

5.2 Spatula, forceps, and scissor soak in disinfectant solution for 15 min.

5.3 For expiry, dehydrated media empty the content in a large glass container and add a sufficient amount of water to dissolve the medium, and plug with non-absorbent cotton.

5.4 Organize the Petri plates (with tops up) and glasswares containing waste media is a suitable SS container or in the autoclavable polybag and then place in vertical autoclave along with indicator tape.

5.5 Start autoclave and note down the time of autoclave start

5.6 Note down the time when the temperature and pressure reached 121℃ and 15 psi, respectively.

5.7 Hold the cycle for 30 minutes (note down the holding time) and switch off an autoclave after the completion of 30 minutes.

5.8 Open the autoclave when the pressure becomes 0 psi. Check the status of the indicator strip and take out the materials from the autoclave and transfer the materials to the washing area. Collect the contaminated media to polybag and dispose of ETP plant.

5.9 Keep the destruction record of microbial wastes in the format as mentioned in Annexure–I.


QA- Quality assurance

QC- Quality Control

SOP- Standard operating procedure

LAF – Laminar airflow

GDP – Good document practices

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