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Procedure for Microbial Incubator operation & Calibration.

1.0 Objective: To get reliable and consistent results, we must ensure the procedure and maintenance of the Microbial Incubator, especially for temperature maintenance for Microbial growth.

2.0 Scope :

This procedure is applicable to the Microbiology Department.

3.0 Responsibility :

The responsibility is with the Microbiologist.

The Q.A. Manager carried out the operation.

4.0 Procedure:

4.1 Ensure that the equipment is free from dust.

4.2 Switch on the main and equipment.

4.3 Set the incubator temperature by pressing the red color button manually on display for about 35°C using Coarse and Fine knobs.

4.4 Place a thermometer in the hole provided on the top of the equipment.

4.5 Open the door and acrylic sheet of the Incubator.

4.6 Place the plates on the incubator shelf in the inverted position.

4.7 Close the acrylic sheet and the door of the Incubator.

4.8 Maintain the same temperature throughout the five days of the incubation period.

4.9 At the end of the day, count the colonies, and the record should be maintained properly.

5.0 Calibration Procedure of Microbial Incubator:

5.1 Place a calibrated thermometer on Top, Middle, and Bottom of the equipment and close the

door. 5.2 Manually set the temperature on display once at 35°C. After 30 minutes, record the thermometer reading. 5.3 Continue the above second procedure for 40°C, and 50°C. After 30 minutes, record the thermometer readings.

Troubleshooting problems and remedial action :

Suppose The temperature display is not working or glowing for this first check electric connection and power supply.

Temperature is not even in the Incubator. The air circulating fan may not be functioning. Check for it.

Report any discrepancies observed during operation or temperature monitoring to Q.C. Executive and notify the defect to Maintenance Department.

Frequency of Calibration: Once in a Year.

Tolerance : +/- 2°C 


SOP- Standard operating procedure

Q.C. – Quality Control

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