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SOP on Procedure for Hot Air Oven Operation & Calibration

Standard operating procedure for Hot Air Oven Operation & Calibration

1.0 Objective: This standard operating procedure help in To avoid contamination of the glassware, it must be kept in the drier at a specified temperature.

2.0 Scope :
This procedure is applicable to Microbiology Department.

3.0 Responsibility:
A microbiologist is responsible to carry out operations as per this SOP
The Manager Responsible for compliance with this SOP

4.0 Procedure:
4.1 Ensure that the equipment is free from dust.
4.2 Switch on the main and equipment.
4.3 Set the incubator temperature by pressing the red color button manually on the display for
about 160 °C using Coarse and Fine knobs.
4.4 To set the thermometer on the equipment Place a thermometer in the hole provided on the top of the equipment.
4.5 Place the glassware on the drier shelf.
4.6 Maintain the same temperature continuously.
4.7 Remove the glassware and place it on the LAF Working bench for utilization at the time of
4.8 Switch off the equipment and main.

5.0 Calibration Procedure:
5.1 Place a calibrated thermometer on the Top, Middle, and Bottom of the equipment and close the
5.2 Manually set the temperature on the display once at 100 °C. After 30 minutes, record the thermometer reading.
5.3 Continue the above 2nd procedure for 150 °C, and 175 °C. After 30 minutes, record the thermometer readings.

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Frequency of Calibration: Once a Month.
Tolerance: ±2°C.

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