SOP on Recruitment of Employees by HR

1.0 Objective: This document summarizes the procedure for the recruitment of employees within the pharmaceutical industry.

2.0 Scope: This standard operating procedure applies specifically to the Human Resource Department of the pharmaceutical industry.

3.0 Responsibility: The Head of the Human Resource Department and the QA Head are accountable for ensuring compliance with this procedure.

4.0 Accountability: The Head of the Human Resource Department and the QA Head are accountable for the effective implementation of this SOP.

Recruitment of Employees

5.0 Procedure Recruitment of Employees:

5.1 Whenever a vacancy arises in any department (QA, QC, PD, WH, EN, HR, etc.), the respective department must share the manpower requisition slip with detailed selection criteria such as level of vacancies, temporary or permanent employee requirements, minimum quantity needed, as well as minimum qualifications and necessary experience, with the HR department for employee recruitment.

5.2 The HR department will engage in discussions with the respective department and review the manpower requisition. If the HR Head finds the requirements satisfactory, they will approve and proceed with the recruitment process.

5.3 The HR department will arrange for the vacancies to be advertised through newspapers, job portals, job consultants, or other suitable sources for the purpose of employee recruitment.

5.4 Upon receiving job applications, the HR department will conduct an initial screening and forward suitable applications, along with relevant details, to the department head requesting the recruitment of employees.

5.5 The Department Head will conduct further scrutiny and screening of the applications, returning the scrutinized applications to the HR department.

5.6 The HR department will send call letters, along with telephonic invitations, to the scrutinized candidates for interviews. These letters will specify the required documents and provide details about the interview schedule, date, time, and venue, all of which will be coordinated with the concerned department head.

5.7 Before the commencement of the interview, the HR department will provide a format for candidates to fill out their details (although this may not be mandatory for some companies as CVs typically contain the necessary information). The first-round interview or technical round interview will be conducted by the Department Head for recruitment purposes.

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5.8 The second-round interview or HR-round interview for shortlisted candidates will be conducted by the HR department or HR Head for recruitment.

5.9 Following the final selection, the HR department or HR Head will promptly issue an appointment or offer letter. This letter will include the joining date and a list of documents required at the time of joining.

5.10 When joining the company, the employee must provide the following documents, which will be kept in their personal file by the HR department:

  • Two passport-size photographs
  • CV with Remark by Interviewer
  • Photocopy of PAN card
  • UAN number/PF number
  • Joining report
  • Personal details format
  • Photocopy of birth certificate
  • Photocopy of qualification certificates
  • Relieving and Experience Certificates
  • Last drawn salary slip (not applicable for freshers)
  • Fitness Medical Certificate issued by the hospitals suggested by the company.
  • Appointment letter/offer letter (Previous if applicable)

6.0 Training for new employees:

6.1 All employees, including temporary staff, undergo GMP training upon joining and periodically during their tenure. This training is evaluated through a questionnaire.

6.2 Staff members receive an information handbook about the company, its Quality policy, and objectives, along with literature describing GMP.

6.3 Various training programs are provided yearly, including SOP Training, On-Job Training, GMP Training, Industrial Safety and Security Training, and GLP Training for laboratory staff.

6.4 Additional training is provided on a need basis.

6.5 Training effectiveness is assessed through questionnaires, and records are maintained as per the SOP titled “For Training of Personnel.”

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7.0 Abbreviations and Definitions:

SOP: Standard Operating Procedure
GMP: Good Manufacturing Practice
GLP: Good Laboratory Practice
HRD: Human Resource Department
QA: Quality Assurance

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