SOP for Preventive Maintenance of DM Plant

1.0 Objective: This SOP achieves operational qualifications and performance qualifications.

2.0 Aim: This Standard Operating Procedure serves as Preventive Maintenance of the D.M. Plant

SOP for Preventive Maintenance of D.M. Plant

3.0 Procedure for Preventive Maintenance of D.M. Plant

3.1 Conduct an annual inspection and replacement of all faulty components.
3.2 Apply grease to bolts and nuts to prevent corrosion and facilitate easy removal during maintenance.
3.3 Perform an extended backwash of the carbon and sand beds on an annual basis.
3.4 Apply a coat of black bituminous paint to the interior surface of the sand bed once per year.
3.5 Inspect the interior of the column every six months.
3.6 Administer an extended backwash to the unit with the top cover open.
3.7 Remove accumulated fine deposits from the resin surface and replace the resin if necessary.
3.8 In the event of a decline in the quality of the treated water accompanied by prolonged anion resin treatment times, prepare an alkaline brine solution and introduce it during the anion infection step.
3.9 After the alkaline-brine wash, regenerate the anion column according to the prescribed procedure.
3.10 Verify that water flows upward through the conductivity cell.
3.11 Confirm the functional status of the power outlet at the site.
3.12 Perform meter calibration once every six months.

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4.0 Revision History: No revisions to date.

5.0 Abbreviations:
SOP: Standard Operating Procedure
D.M.: Demineralized

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