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SOP for Shifts Handover between the Shifts

1.0 OBJECTIVE: To lay down a procedure for shift handover between the Shifts.
2.0 SCOPE: This standard operating procedure is applicable for shift handover between the Shifts in the production department.
3.0 RESPONSIBILITY: Officer, Executive Production for implementation of this Procedure.
Manager Production for Overall compliance with this SOP.

Shifts Handover between the Shifts

4.1 The following are the instructions to be given by the current shift Person/supervisor to the next shift person for charge handover.
4.1.1 Name of product/lot/manpower on every machine.
4.1.2 Status of the materials used or going to be used for the current product or any shortage and additional issuance.
4.1.3 Machine status including current condition, Functioning, changeover if, and any maintenance progress.
4.1.4 Job Allocation to Next Shift Supervisor.
4.1.5 Planning for the Current and upcoming product.
4.1.6 Any special precautions to be taken if there is any problem.
4.1.7 If any change in the product plan, then the reason behind the change. Any expected problem and remedy if any.
4.1.8 Status for the actual physical status.

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