SOP for Automatic Strapping (banding) machine

1.0 Purpose: To lay down the procedure for cleaning and operating the Automatic strapping (banding) machine.
2.0 Aim: This Standard Operating Procedure is applicable to the cleaning and operation of the automatic strapping (banding) machine Production floor.

3.0 Responsibility:
3.1 The Line coordinators will carry out the cleaning and operation of the banding machine.
3.2 Officer of the user department shall be responsible for the supervision of the process, and preparation of SOP.
3.3 Head-Department shall be responsible for the implementation of SOP.
3.4 Head-QA for compliance with SOP.

4.0 Safety Considerations:
4.1 Do not operate the machine with its cover off.
4.2 Never put any part of your body near, under, or into the moving machine.
4.3 Only trained people should operate the machine.
4.4 Do not strap any part of your body.
4.5 Do not touch the heater and surrounding area just after the operation. It requires sufficient time to cool the heater.
4.6 Always keep the machine on a level floor and keep the surrounding area clean.

5.0 Procedure:
5.1 Tape setting:
5.1.1 Open the tape cover and push the tape core portion onto the tape holder making sure of the wound direction of the tape.
5.1.2 Raise the knob a little and insert the tape end into the tape inlet if the tape end is bent or torn off, it cannot be inserted. In such a case cut the tape straight with a tape cutter.
5.1.3 Close the tape cover.
5.1.4 Adjust the tension knob to the desired position.
5.1.5 Close the front door and set the power switch to ON.

5.2 Banding method (Fully Automatic) :
5.2.1 Check the power lamp and tape feed switch lamp are lit. The tape-feeding switch lamp is lit about 10 seconds after the power switch is turned ON. If not lit, check if the tape is properly set.
5.2.2 Make a bundle or package of desired quantity of cartons and place it on the platform of the banding machine, banding/ strapping will start automatically.
5.2.3 When the banding is completed, immediately remove the band from the platform so that tape can be fed and ready for the next banding.

5.3 Banding method (when the table switch of the machine is OFF) :
5.3.1 Make a bundle or package of desired quantity of cartons and place it on a platform of a banding machine. Now press the start switch, and strapping is started.
5.3.2 Remove the band immediately from the platform as mentioned above.
5.3.3 If an operator wants both hands free, make a bundle of cartons and place it on the platform of the machine, and press the foot switch. Strapping is started.

5.4 Tape changing :
5.4.1 When the tape becomes short, a red line will appear on the tape. Replace the tape with a new one.
5.4.2 Open the tape cover and completely rewind the remaining tape portion by turning the tape holder in the arrow direction.
5.4.3 Remove the tape core from the tape holder and set a new tape as mentioned in

5.5 When all the packing work is completed, turn OFF the power switch.

5.6 Cleaning of the machine :
5.6.1 Switch OFF the power of the machine and let it cool for some time after the operation.
5.6.2 Take a clean and soft cloth and wipe off the dust from the outer parts of the machine.
5.6.3 Open the front door and remove the dust.
5.6.4 Remove the discarded straps from the surrounding of the machine.

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6.0 Abbreviations:
HOD: Head of the Department
QA: Quality Assurance
SOP: Standard Operating Procedure

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