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SOP for the Operation of Shipper Sealing Machine

1.0 Objective: To lay down a procedure for the operation of the shipper sealing machine.
2.0 Scope: This Standard operating procedure is applicable to the operation of the shipper sealing machines used in the production department.
3.0 Responsibility:
Officer, Executive – To follow this procedure
Manager – To execution this procedure

SOP for the Operation of Shipper Sealing Machine

4.0 Procedure:

4.1 Machine Setting
4.1.1 Ensure that the main switch is in the ‘OFF’ position.
4.1.2 Fix the BOPP tape of required size to the tape holding device on both sides
(Upper and Lower side) of the shipper sealing machine.
4.1.3 Set the side slots of the machine so that shipper will move freely on the conveyor.
4.1.4 Adjust the height of the upper roller by rotating the knob adjuster provided on the top side of the machine.

4.2 Operation

4.2.1 After line clearance from IPQA officer, put the ‘UNDER PROCESS’ label on the machine.
4.2.2 Enter the start time of shipper sealing in the equipment usage log sheet as per “Making entry in equipment logbook” SOP.
4.2.3 Switch ‘ON’ the main from the electrical panel.
4.2.4 Collect the specific shipper / DFC, which is required to be sealed.
4.2.5 One end of the BOPP Roll should peel out and fit the feed roller.
4.2.6 Similarly lower roller can be set in the same manner.
4.2.7 Put shipper having filled by required no. of weighed cartons over the machine.
4.2.8 Start the switch (Black push bottom) ‘ON’ so that both the two motors will be in running mode.
4.2.9 Introduce the specific shipper in the forwarding direction so as to seal the shipper from the top & bottom sides.
4.2.10 Continue the above procedure till the completion of the batch.
4.2.11 Remove the BOPP tape from the upper/lower roller of the machine at the end of packing.
4.2.12 Enter the operation time in the equipment usage log sheet.
4.2.13 Affix the ‘TO BE CLEANED’ label on the machine.

4.3 Precaution

4.3.1 Do not touch the BOPP tape-cutting device during operation.
4.3.2 Height adjustment should be proper to avoid shipper damage.
4.3.3 Keep the upper and lower BOPP tape roller always in the center.

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5.0 Abbreviations:
BOPP: Bi-axial Oriented Poly Propylene
BPR: Batch Packing Record
DFC: Double Folded Corrugated box
QA: Quality Assurance

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