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SOP for Operation and cleaning of Tray loading machine

1.0 Purpose: To lay down the procedure for the operation and cleaning of tray loading machine.
2.0 Aim: This Standard Operating Procedure is applicable to the cleaning and operation of tray loading machine, located on the production floor.
3.0 Responsibility:
3.1 The line coordinators shall carry out the process.
3.2 Officers/Executives shall be responsible to supervise the process.
3.3 Production Head/Manager/designee shall be responsible for the implementation of SOP.

4.0 Safety Considerations:
4.1 Do not reach into the machine while it is running.
4.2 Do not give excessive pressure for fitting of change parts or during troubleshooting.
4.3 The performance test should be run in automatic operation mode.
4.4 Do not go for cleaning of the parts during operation.

5.0 Procedure:
5.1 Operation of tray loading machine:
5.1.1 Start the machine by pressing the ON button.
5.1.2 From the rotary plate vials will move for tray loading magazine with the help of transport conveyor belts.
5.1.3 Load the empty trays into both magazines manually.
5.1.4 Then both the pushing devices move the vials into an empty magazine in rows until it is filled completely.
5.1.5 There will be XX no. vials in a single row and XX no. row in one tray for both magazines.
5.1.6 Afterwards vials are transferred into empty trays from magazines with the help of a manual pushing device.
5.1.7 Then unload the filled trays manually and keep them in the mobile transfer trolley.
5.1.8 After batch completion, empty the conveyor.

5.2 Cleaning of tray loading machine:
5.2.1 First switch off the button and it turns red.
5.2.2 Then use the vacuum cleaner to remove any waste material.
5.2.3 Transfer the waste material as per “Product Waste; Collection and Disposal” SOP.
5.2.4 Wipe the machine parts with a dry lint-free mop.
5.2.5 Prepare the 70% isopropyl alcohol
5.2.6 Again mop the machine parts with filtered 70 % IPA.

6.0 Abbreviations:
QA: Quality Assurance
SOP: Standard Operating Procedure
IPA: Isopropyl alcohol
No. : Number

SOP for Operation and cleaning of Tray loading machine
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