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SOP on Cleaning and Operation of Carton Coding Machine

1.0 Purpose: To lay down the standard operating procedure for cleaning and operation of carton coding machine.
2.0 Aim: This SOP is applicable to the carton coding machines installed in the Production.

3.0 Responsibility:
3.1 Line operator shall be responsible for cleaning and operation of carton coding machine
3.2 Officer / Sr. Officer shall be responsible for supervising the process.
3.3 Production Manager shall be responsible for the implementation of SOP.
3.4 Head-Quality Assurance shall be responsible for compliance with SOP.

SOP on Cleaning and Operation of Carton Coding Machine

4.0 Safety Considerations:
4.1 Do not remove the cartridge from the TCU head while the POWER is ON to the machine.

5.0 Equipment:
5.1 Packing conveyor belt.
5.2 Carton printing system, TCU, Cartridge head, Memory (Flash) card, and card reader, Computer having printer software

6.0 Procedure for Carton Coding Machine:
6.1 Printer setting :
6.1.1 Insert the Flashcard into the memory card reader and attach it to the computer with its USB cable.
6.1.2 Open the printer software on the PC.
6.1.3 Go to the left Top file and open it.
6.1.4 Open the memory card
6.1.5 Open any one file.
6.1.6 Select a text which you want to write, it will display on the text bar upside.
6.1.7 Now go to function on the top bar.
6.1.8 Click function to open parameters menu.
6.1.9 Print modes and velocity/encoder modes are displayed in the parameters menu. Click the velocity option. Always chose position mode.
6.1.10 Now go to the sensor and select the following values :
Start = 00 mm and Select Negative edge

6.1.11 Now go to print and check the direction of the label. Select the arrow. Select from right to left direction.
6.1.12 Go to the Purge. Always select its value zero.
6.1.13 Now click on Resolution and select:
300 × 300 DPI one row (max. speed 76mtr/ min.) (Always)
Select use nozzle row 1 or 2 and press OK.
6.1.14 Go to the file & save as in any one of ten folders.
6.1.15 Now go to the yellow folder on the top bar. Select any TCU (in which you had done save as) and save the file.

6.2 Take Line clearance from the QA person for the printing of cartons.
6.3 Insert the flashcard in TCU and select the location of the saved message (Batch no., Mfg. & Exp. date) from the selector switch.
6.4 Clean the cartridge with a soft cloth and insert it in the cartridge head.
6.5 Switch on the TCU and packing conveyor belt.
6.6 Put the mono cartons containing labeled PFS and package insert on the moving conveyor belt
6.7 Check the print quality of mono cartons and get the signature of approval from the QA person for coding details as per BMR.
6.8 Collect mono cartons after printing.
6.9 After completion of the activity clean the equipment and area and paste the status labels.
6.10 Take line closing from the QA person.

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7.0 Abbreviations:
HOD: Head of the Department
ID No. : Identification number
No. : Number
SOP: Standard Operating Procedure
VFP: Vaccine Formulation Plant
BPR: Batch Processing Record

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