SOP on Operation of Filter Press

1.0 Objective: To lay down the procedure for operation of Filter Press.
2.0 Scope: This procedure is applicable for the operation of the Filter Press in the liquid oral department.
3.0 Responsibility:
Production Officer, Production Executive.

4.0 Procedure:
4.1 Assembling:
4.1.1 The filter press consists of 9 sets of filter plates, mesh, and non-woven filter pads alternating with each other.
4.1.2 Use fresh filter pads for each product and for each batch.
4.1.3 Ensure that the plates, mesh, filter chamber, lid, and bolts are washed with the purified water before use, wash the filter pads also with purified water by soaking them in purified water.
4.2 Open the top lid of the filter chamber by opening the four belts.
4.3 Place the bottom plate in the chamber over the rubber pad leaving the bottom outlet open.
4.4 Place the mesh over the plate and filter pad over the mesh.
4.5 Place the central hollow cylindrical support cup over the central position of the pad. Repeat this process by placing all the plates, mesh, and pads one over the other alternatively.
4.6 Tighten this assembly by fixing the four long bolts from the four sides of the assembly and tightening them.
4.7 Tighten the filter assembly into the chamber by means of the central long bolt.
4.8 Place the lid of the chamber over the assembly and tighten the four bolts of the lid to make the assembly airtight.
4.9 Filtration Procedure:
4.9.1 Open the inlet valve of the filter chamber and start the pump of the filter press. Keep the air release valve on the lid in the open position.
4.9.2 Pressure builds up in the chamber as indicated by the pressure gauge and the air is displaced from the top.
4.9.3 When the syrup starts coming out from the top valve, close this valve and open the outlet valve from the bottom.
4.9.4 Allow the filtered syrup to recirculate till it is clear. Close the recirculation valve and collect the filtered syrup into a clear tank.
4.10 Dismantling:
4.10.1 Dismantle the assembly by means of a pair of spanners. Remove the filter pads and discard them. Remove all the plates and mesh and take them for washing.
4.11 Note:
The filter press can be used as a transfer pump for only pumping liquid without filtration by closing the valve to the inlet of the filter chamber and opening the outlet valve of the pump.

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