SOP on Operation of Fume Hood

Standard operating procedure on Operation of Fume Hood and the Precaution to be taken before its operation.

1.0 Purpose: For proper handling of the instrument and to save the environment of the QC laboratory from hazards and corrosive chemicals in the laboratory.

2.0 Scope: This SOP is applicable to all hazards, volatile and corrosive chemicals in Pharmaceuticals.

sop file for Operation of Fume Hood

3.0 Responsibility:
3.1 Officer/ Execution responsible for the implementation of this procedure.
3.2 QC Asst. Manager/ Manager and above responsible for overall compliance with this SOP.

4.0 Precautions:
4.1 Don’t operate the hood when the window is fully open.
4.2 Never put your head inside the hood.
4.3 Air outside can affect how the hood works.
4.4 Try not to move too quickly.
4.5 Open the window slowly.
4.6 Wear gloves and protective clothes if there are chemicals around.
4.7 Clean up spills right away.

5.0 Procedure of Fume Hood:
5.1 Check if the instrument is connected to electricity and set up correctly.
5.2 Make sure the instrument is clean.
5.3 Lift the window about 15 inches.
5.4 Turn on the light.
5.5 Switch on the blower.
5.6 Put the bottle or container with chemicals at least 6 inches inside the window.
5.7 After transferring the materials, close the container tightly.
5.8 Clean up any spills immediately.
5.9 Once done, turn off the blower.
5.10 Clean the workbench following the procedure.
5.11 Turn off the light and close the window.

6.0 Annexures:

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