SOP on Preventive Maintenance of Auto Coater Machine

Learn about Standard operating procedures on Preventive Maintenance of Auto Coater machines in Pharmaceutical industries.

1.0 Objective: To lay down a procedure for Preventive Maintenance of Auto Coater.

2.0 Responsibility: 2.1 Operator, and Officer to perform the preventive maintenance activities as per the respective SOP.
2.2 Executives (Eng.Dept.) to prepare and comply with the preventive maintenance SOP.
2.3 Department Head are responsible for overall compliance with SOP.

3.0 Procedure for Autocater PM:

General Consideration: Ensure that all the materials are kept aside in their respective place. Affix the “Under preventive maintenance” status on the machine.

3.1 Weekly Maintenance:

3.1.1 Inspect and tighten all connections.
3.1.2 Check valves and coils for proper functioning.
3.1.3 Verify PLC interlocks.
3.1.4 Ensure all pins are secure.
3.1.5 Properly check any air leakages from PU tubes or connectors.
3.1.6 Test steam trap, air handling unit, and dehumidifier.
3.1.7 Review steam control valve functionality and make necessary repairs or replacements.

3.2 Monthly Maintenance:

3.2.1 Check gearbox oil levels and refill if needed by using 320-grade oil.
3.2.2 Lubricate pan supporting wheel bearings if required.
3.2.3 Assess and adjust v-belt/chain tension if applicable.
3.2.4 Clean AHU pre-filters and scrubber unit filters.
3.2.5 Inspect and fix dampers, solenoid valves, and pneumatic actuators as necessary.
3.2.6 Verify pneumatic cylinder alignment and movement.
3.2.7 Assess the functionality of steam control solenoid valves.
3.2.8 Ensure proper functioning of interlocks, compressors, and condenser components.
3.2.9 Clean condenser coil, chilled water/evaporator coil, and wet scrubber unit.
3.2.10 Check and clean the condenser fan and connections.
3.2.11 Clean the dehumidifier bed using compressed air if needed.
3.2.12 Replace dehumidifier heaters if required.

3.3 Yearly Maintenance:

3.3.1 Inspect motor bearings and replace them if necessary.
3.3.2 Change gearbox oil, Use 320 Grade oil if required.
3.3.3 Address any steam coil leakages.
3.3.4 Check and clean inlet and exhaust blowers, as needed.
3.3.5 Replace scrubber unit filters and HEPA filters if required.
3.3.6 Ensure the integrity of steam control valves and replace them if needed.
3.3.7 Replace all gaskets annually.
3.3.8 Assess and replace the dehumidifier bed if necessary.”

4.0 Abbreviations
SOP:- Standard Operating Procedure
AHU:- Air Handling Unit
PU :- Poly Urethane
PLC:- Programmable Logic Control
HEPA:- High Efficiency Particulate Air

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