SOP on Operation of Colloidal Mill

1.0 Objective: To lay down a procedure for the operation of Colloidal Mill.
2.0 Scope: This standard operating procedure is applicable to the operation of Colloidal Mill in the production area.
3.0 Responsibility: Officer, Executive – To implement this procedure
Head of Department – To overall compliance with this procedure

4.0 Procedure:
4.1 Operation of colloidal mill:
4.1.1 Ensure cleanliness of the equipment and area.
4.1.2 After the line clearance from QA, put the ‘’UNDER PROCESS’’ label duly filled and signed on the machine.
4.1.3 Enter the start time of batch in the equipment usage logbook as per “Making entry in equipment logbook SOP”.
4.1.4 Put the main switch “ON”.
4.1.5 Ensure that the direction of rotation of the mill is always clockwise.

operation of colloidal mill

4.1.6 Before starting the machine, adjust the grinding slit by securing both handles out of the adjusting ring until the ring freely turns. Turn the handles in a clockwise direction to get a finer grinding slit or anti-clockwise to increase the opening. After the adjustment, block the ring by screwing the handles.
4.1.7 Pour the material into the hopper slowly. Check the revolution of the material.
4.1.8 Mill the material as per time mentioned in BMR and record it.
4.1.9 Enter the completion time of the milling of the solution in the equipment usage log book.
4.1.10 Switch “OFF” the main power supply.
4.1.11 Replace the “UNDER PROCESS” Label with a duly filled and signed “TO BE CLEANED” label on the machine.
NOTE: -In case the mill stops abruptly, switch off the main power connection, enlarge the grinding slot, and restart. In case the same problem persists, remove the material from the charging hopper. Dismantle the mill, clean and readjust and again reassemble.

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4.2 Precautions:
4.2.1 Never put oil or grease inside the main housing.
4.2.2 Never leave the machine with material overnight or for a long time.

5.0 Abbreviation:
BMR: Batch Manufacturing Record
QA: Quality Assurance
SOP: Standard Operating Procedure

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