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BQS Machine Interview Questions and Answers

BQS (Blister quickly through servo ) Machine is a part of pharmaceutical packing where it helps in the aggregation of unit dose into a form of Blister is also known for primary Packing. BQS is a continuous motion technology enabled by flat sealing, and flat forming in a continuous motion to achieve precision, power, speed, and position control.

BQS Machine Interview Questions and Answers

Change Part of the BQS machine

  • Hopper
  • Bowl
  • Feeding channel
  • Guide track
  • Heating plate
  • Forming plate
  • Sealing plate
  • Perforation tools
  • Embossing tools
  • Indexing roller
  • Printing units
  • Gears units
  • Punching and cutting units

Principle of BQS machine:

The principle of the BQS machine is flat forming flat sealing with a continuous motion for high speed.

Types of servo motors in BQS

  • Feeding servo
  • Printing servo
  • Punching servo
  • Pulling servo
  • Main cam servo

What is meant by servo?

A servo is an electromagnetic device that helps cover electricity into a precisely controlled motion by the use of a negative feedback mechanism.

Importance of servo motor in Blister Quickly Through Servo machine

  • It helps in increasing productivity or output.
  • It reduces the change over time and is easy to dismantle.

BQS Parameters and specifications:

Forming depth/ die depth– up to 12mm in the case of PVC/PVDC thermoforming and up to 9mm in the case of cold forming.

Forming cycle: 40 cycles per minute for thermoforming and 35 cycles per minute for cold forming.

Punching cycle: Maximum 180 cycles per minute

No. of tracks: it may be single, double, triple, or four-track.


Forming Area: Maximum 240mm in widthx180 mm in advance. it may differ from make to make.

Pressure and chilled water used in the Machine:

  • Cavity-forming station- 6 Bar
  • Heating station, cooling station, and cooling plate- 4 Bar
  • The capacity of the Cylinder – up to 10 Bar
  • Pvc foil break cylinder – 2 to 3 Bar
  • Punching station air blowing for cleaning – 3 Bar
  • Alu- Alu flap cylinder – 3 Bar
  • Blister Pickup wall – 1 to 1.5 Bar
  • Chiller water used for cooling in BQS for thermoforming is 8 -10°C in the case of PVDC and 18 – 20°C in the case of Pvc.

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BQS parts and their Roles:

Guide roller: it helps in moving the web upwards. the knob is provided to adjust it.

Spring assembly: these are pressure-based springs to provide pressure to get embossing quality.

Indexing roller: it consists of a web jam-checking sensor. indexing roller pushes the web forwards in parallel motion.

Punching station: punch the blister to get the edge to edge to the cutting of the blister.

Pick up station: blister is picked up by pickup assembly after cutting of blister by punching units.

Pickup angle roles in the Blister machine: they drop the rejected blisters at 45°, good blister at 90°, and overflow blister at 180°.

Cylinder for forming: it is a pneumatically operated cylinder to develop forming force on foil. the minimum air pressure required is 6 Bar.

Overprinting unit: it is a servo drive unit to ensure precise control of printing quality.

Vacuum Required in blister packing Machine:

Blister Pick up -26 in mm Hg

Lidding foil splicing sensor -26 in mm Hg

Forming foil splicing sensor -26 in mm Hg

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