List of Pharma Equipment in Production Sections

Pharmaceutical organizations required Standard grads equipment for the different sections to carry out processes or manufacturing of products. A new pharma manufacturer doing a hard struggle to find and prepared a list of Pharma equipment to purchase as per their capacity requirement. So the common list of pharma equipment is given below for the different sections.

List of Pharma Equipment for Production Sections

List of Pharma Equipment in Pharmaceuticals

Tablets and Capsules

  1. Vibro sifter
  2. Lifting and Positioning Device
  3. Roll Compactor
  4. Sifter cam multi mill
  5. Container blender
  6. Cad mill
  7. Oscillating Granulator
  8. Rapid Mixer Granulator (RMG)
  9. Coating Solution Holding tank
  10. Lifting & positioning Device
  11. Fluid Bed Processor (FBD)
  12. Lifting & Tippering Device
  13. Container Blender
  14. Capsule filling machine
  15. Lifting & Positioning device
  16. Tablet Compression machine
  17. Auto coater
  18. Bin washing and drying system
  19. Hardness Tester
  20. Friability tester
  21. Halogen moisture balance
  22. Disintegration apparatus
  23. Tablet/Capsule Inspection Machine
  24. Air wash bottle cleaner with unscrambler
  25. Tablet / Capsule counter and filler
  26. Desiccant Inserter machine
  27. Cotton inserter machine
  28. Inline Capper
  29. Induction Cap Sealing machine
  30. Sticker labeling machine
  31. Blister Packing Machine (BQS)
  32. Blister Packing machine Rotovac/ Elmapack
  33. Strip packing machine
  34. Tablet Deduster
  35. De-blistering machine
  36. Packing Conveyor Belt
  37. Auto carbonator
  38. Blender Bin in Lts
  39. Metal Detector
  40. Capsule sorter and elevator
  41. In-Process container
  42. Infrared Drier
  43. Leak test Apparatus
  44. Inkjet printer/ Thermal Printer
  45. Hologram pasting machine
  46. Track and Trace machine for serialization

Dry Syrup area

  1. Air rinsing machine
  2. Unscrambler
  3. Vibro sifter
  4. Sifter cam Multi mill
  5. Tipper
  6. Fluid bed Drier (FBD)
  7. Rapid Mixer Granulator (RMG)
  8. Multi mill
  9. Lifting & positioning device
  10. Container Blender
  11. Powder filling machine
  12. Turntable
  13. Capping machine
  14. Induction Cap Sealing machine
  15. Ropp capping machine
  16. Lifting and positioning machine
  17. Blender Bin in Lts
  18. Turntable
  19. Sticker labeling machine
  20. Measuring cup placement machine
  21. Auto carbonator
  22. Shrink wrapping machine
  23. Air shower
  24. In-process containers

Sterile area

  1. Garment washing machine
  2. Rotary drum rubber stopper washer
  3. Bung processor
  4. Steam sterilizer
  5. Dry heat sterilizer
  6. Linear vial washing machine
  7. Tunnel sterilizer
  8. Sterile powder filling machine
  9. Aluminum cap sealing machine
  10. Optical testing machine
  11. High-speed glue labeling machine
  12. Sticker labeling machine
  13. Packing conveyor
  14. Carton coding machine
  15. Label coding machine
  16. Power strapping machine
  17. Ampoule washing machine
  18. Ampoule filling machine
  19. Ampoule inspection machine
  20. Ampoule sticker labeling machine
  21. Steam sterilizer (Ampoule)
  22. Steam sterilizer (Filled ampoule sterilization)
  23. Dry heat sterilizer
  24. Garment cubicle (Sterile dry powder)
  25. Garment cubicle (Ampoule)

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Note: It may be missing some equipment in the above list, so please comment below to add them to the list of pharma equipment.

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