Defining a Pharmaceutical Isolator

Pharmaceutical Isolator

Isolator in pharmaceuticals has a significant place in the production of sterile products because of their decontaminated environment. They meet Grade A conditions and provide continuous isolation from its interior to the external environment. The Evolution of Aseptic Processing If we talk about their Journey, aseptic processing has been quite interesting, taking us from traditional … Read more

What is Pitot Tube | Insertion flow Meter­­; Principle, Construction, and Working

The pitot tube is commonly used to measure the rate of liquid flow (Speed, Velocity)/ velocity head. it is also called a differential pressure measuring device. Principle of Pitot Tube It measures the velocity at one point only. it is based on the principle of Bernoulli’s theorem. When it is inserted into the center of … Read more

What is Venturi Meter: Principles, Construction, Parts, and Applications

A Venturi meter is used to measure the rate of flow of liquid (speed, and velocity) in a pipe. Here we will discuss about Venturi flow meter Principle, Flow diagram, construction, Working, advantages, Disadvantages, and Principle. Principle of Venturi Flow Meter: Venturi Flow meter is based on the principle of Bernoulli’s theorem. It consists of … Read more

Molybdenum Test to Check Different SS Grades (SS 316, SS 304 and SS 202)

Molybdenum Test to check SS grades

Testing Method for Checking MOC of SS Material (Molybdenum Test): Equipment used in the pharmaceutical industry is mainly crafted from special types of Stainless Steel. The primary reason for using this metal is that it works well with most manufacturing methods. The medicine must contain only the components specified in the approved formula. When we … Read more

Double Cone Blender; Principle, Working, and Applications

Double Cone Blender equipment is used in pharmaceuticals to mix Excipients, chemicals, and cosmetics to get a homogeneous mixture of dry powders and granules. The principle of the double cone blender is based on the mechanical mixing that occurs due to tumbling motion. The double-cone blender is constructed by welding two cone-shaped sections at their … Read more

List of Engineering & Utility Equipment

In the pharmaceutical industry, Engineering & Utility equipment is very essential components of manufacturing drugs. Pharmaceutical manufacturing in the production area requires technical equipment to produce drugs. The pharmaceutical manufacturing process controls various parameters such as temperature, pressure, and flow rate. Engineers develop and implement process control systems that ensure consistent product quality and safety. … Read more

Weighing Balance Tolerance Limit Calculation with Example

The Weighing Balance Tolerance Limit of a pharmaceutical weighing machine refers to the maximum acceptable range of balance while material weighing that is considered acceptable for installed balance at the manufacturing area. Weighing Balance Tolerance limits are usually calculated by using a %age of the minimum and maximum capacity of the balance. For example, a … Read more

Equipment Capacity Calculation and Factor affecting in industries

Equipment Capacity Calculation

Equipment capacity means the minimum and max working capacity of any equipment that can be easy to operate with its predefined limit to get higher output. In pharmaceutical Equipment capacity calculation factor depends on the Bulk density of the excipients that are used in the granulation process. Factor affecting the equipment capacity Below are the … Read more

3 Types of Airlocks and its Purpose and applications

The airlocks is a transition space that typically has two doors in series to separate controlled environments such as a cleanroom, lab, operating room, or isolation room from the corridor. What is an airlock? Airlocks are commonly used in the pharmaceutical industry to maintain cleanliness and prevent contamination of the manufacturing environment. In a pharmaceutical … Read more

Edge Runner Mill: Principle, Construction, Working, Merit, Demerit

Edge Runner Mill is widely used in industries till now, if talk about its usage centuries ago, the manual mortar and pestle was the traditional tool for accomplishing size reduction, and it is still frequently used on a modest basis. Compression size reduction may also be done on a small scale with end-runner mills and … Read more

Calculation for Capacity of Tablet Coating Machine With Example

In order to achieve effective coating results, a sufficient amount of tablets must be placed in the coating pan. To get a consistent coating, the coating machine pan’s capacity should be estimated. Different coating issues may result from using insufficient amounts of tablets to coat inside the coating pan. so let’s understand how to calculate … Read more

Fluid Energy Mill; Working, Principle, and Construction

Fluid energy mill: A fluid energy mill is used for size reduction in the pharmaceuticals, cosmetics,s and food industries. the fluid mill works on impaction and attrition. Principle: Fluid mills operate on the principle of impact and attrition. Working of fluid energy mill: Start the fluid energy mill and pass the feed through the inlets … Read more

Hammer Mill; Usage, Construction, Working Principles, and Types

A Hammer Mill machine is widely used in the Pharmaceuticals and Food industries to cutting Materials into small fragments or small pieces (Also called Size Reduction). The main component of a hammer mill is a row of hammers that are hinged on a central shaft and contained in a strong metal container. Size reduction is … Read more