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List of Quality Assurance SOPs in Pharmaceuticals

Pharma SOPs is used as a tool for providing a proper and systematic way to follow all rules and regulation under controlled manners in pharmaceutical industries. The quality assurance department reviews all SOPs before the distribution to the department. Read here the list of all Quality Assurance SOPs.

List of all SOPs Related to Quality Assurance:

  • SOP for preparation of SOP
  • SOP for Data Integrity
  • SOP for in house code and numbers
  • SOP for Document control, approval, revision, and authorization
  • SOP for market complaints for market recalls
  • SOP for market returns and expiration goods
  • SOP for recovery from rejections
  • SOP for status labeling, color coding in premises
  • SOP for housekeeping audits
  • SOP for internal quality audits
  • SOP for checking, storage, and destruction of BMR/BPR and other production recodes
  • SOP for storage condition for finished goods
  • SOP for line clearance
  • SOP for total IPQA
  • SOP for process validation
  • SOP for cleaning method validation
  • SOP for testing method validation
  • SOP for purified water loop validation
  • SOP for batch control records
  • SOP for QA documentation
  • SOP for equipment/machine qualifications
  • SOP for approval of batch coding and overprinting on packing materials
  • SOP for stereo order, receipt, checking, and issue
  • SOP for the disposal of expired printed packing materials
  • SOP for deviation reports
  • SOP for operation cleaning, calibrations, and Maintainance of all machines and equipment
  • SOP for Investigation out of specifications (OOS)
  • SOP for OOT (Out of Trending)
  • SOP for Root Cause Analysis
  • SOP for change control
  • SOP for risk analysis, measurement, and controls.
  • SOP for Review of BMR and BPR
  • SOP for Good Documentation Practices
  • SOP for Specimen signature
  • SOP for Preparation, Approval and Execution of Validation Protocols and Reports
  • SOP for Validation Master Plans preparation, approval & review
  • SOP for FMEA (Failure mode & Effective Analysis)
  • SOP on Handling and Investigations of non-conformances
  • SOP for in-process checking
  • SOP for inspection and release of final goods
  • SOP on Technology Transfer
  • SOP For Failure investigation
  • SOP For Power failure
  • SOP For Acceptance Quality Level (AQL)
  • SOP For Operation of the data logger, monitoring of temperature and RH and evaluation of recorded data
  • SOP For Handling of product yield
  • SOP For Reconciliation of primary and secondary packing material
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