SOP for Glassware Cleaning in QC Lab

1.0 Purpose: The purpose of this SOP for cleaning the glassware.
2.0 Scope: This standard operating procedure is applicable to glassware in the Quality Control department at pharmaceuticals.
3.0 Responsibility
Officer to implement this procedure
Head QC/Executive – Responsible for overall compliance with this SOP.
4.0 Accountability
In charge – Quality Control

SOP for Glassware Cleaning

5.0 Procedure
5.1 Send the used glassware for cleaning after the completion of the analysis.
5.2 Proper care should be taken to avoid glassware breakage, While moving and cleaning.
5.3 Collect the used glassware in a tab and transfer it to the washing area for cleaning.
5.4 First Clean the used glassware with tap water.
5.5 To wash Soak the used glassware in 1% neutral pH soap solution for about 8 to 15 minutes.
5.6 To remove stubborn impurities from glassware, use an appropriate solvent.
5.7 Finally Rinse glassware with the help of tap water, if the glassware is not clean repeat steps 5.5 and 5.6.
5.8 Finally, rinse the glassware with p. water.
5.9 Drain the used water and keep the cleaned glassware for drying in the hot air oven at below 70°C (Do not keep them for a longer time to dry).
5.10 After drying, take the glassware out of the hot air oven and place it where it belongs/respective area (do not use glassware just after drying, it is recommended to use them after reach to room temperature).
5.11 Gooch Filter/crucible
5.12 Fill the Gooch Filter/crucible with 10% HNO3 and deep for a sufficient time period.
5.13 Rinse thoroughly with tap water.
5.14 Clean the crucible with tap water and finally dry it by using a vacuum.
5.15 Rinse it three to four times with p. water, then dry it off by using the dryer.
5.16 Silica and platinum crucible
5.17 Rinse the crucible first with 10% HNO3 and then followed by using tap water.
5.18 Rinse 3 or 4 more times by using p. water.
5.19 In a muffle oven, ignite the crucible at a temperature of 700 °C.
5.20 Turn the muff oven/furnace off.
5.21 Make sure the temperature in the muffle furnace is below 100° C before removing the crucible.
5.22 Remove the crucible and put it right away in the desiccator.

6.0 Abbreviations
SOP: Standard operating procedure
QC: Quality Control
%: Percentage
P.: Purified water

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