SOP for Procedure for Bottle Inspection

1.0 Objective: To lay down the procedure for Bottle Inspection.
2.0 Scope: This procedure is applicable to Bottle Inspection in the liquid department.
3.0 Responsibility: Production Executive, Production Manager.

SOP for Procedure for Bottle Inspection

4.0 Procedure:
4.1 Before Filling:
4.1.1 Receive the washed bottles in the pre-filling inspection box.
4.1.2 Inspect the bottles on an optical inspection box consisting of a 60-watt bulb mounted on an inspection box concealed by the white ground glass.
4.1.3 Check the bottles in front of the light of the inspection panel board.
4.1.4 Reject any bottles containing any extraneous matter like fibers, particles, glass particles, air bubbles in the glass either inside or outside the bottles, or having deformed shape or color variation. Place all these rejected bottles in a drum kept below the table and label the drum as rejected bottles for destruction. Handle the unusable bottles as per SOP for ‘disposal of scrap‘.

4.2 After Filling:
4.2.1 After the filling and sealing operations, check each filled bottle again using a light inspection board against both black and white backgrounds. Check for the presence of any foreign particles, extraneous matter, fibers, lumps, volume variation, glass particles, defective sealing, etc. by placing the bottles in the upright as well as the inverted positions.
4.2.2 Segregate the bottles rejected on account of improper sealing and take them up for resealing.
4.2.3 Segregate the bottles with volume variation and take them for recovery. Take only the good bottles for further process of labeling and packing.

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5.0 Annexures:
6.0 Abbreviations:
SOP: Standard Operating Procedure.

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