Technology Transfer Checklist For Sending Plant

When the process of moving technology including (Chemicals, Production/ Manufacturing, Control, and drug product-related documents) from one place to another, so we can make the same good stuff every time, that’s called technology transfer. Below is the full Checklist of Technology Transfer For Sending the Plant.

Project identification No.
Name of Product
Technology sending Coordinator
Technology Receiving Coordinator (Proposed Site)

Technology Transfer Checklist For Sending Plant

  1. Product Developmental report
  2. Master Manufacturing Record / Batch manufacturing record (Executed)
  3. Master Packing Record / Batch Packing record (Executed)
  4. Tooling Specification
  5. Process Validation Protocol & Report
  6. Product Cleaning Method — Protocol & report
  7. Specification, STP & MSDS of Active Material(s)
  8. Specification, STP & MSDS of Inactive Material(s)
  9. Specification, STP & MSDS of Packaging Material(s)
  10. Specification, STP of In-process product(s)
  11. Specification, STP & MSDS of Finished product (s)
  12. Analytical method validation Protocol & Reports (Finished product) (as applicable)
    ✔Related substance
    ✔Content Uniformity
    ✔Dissolution profile
    ✔OVI, Residual Solvents
    ✔Stability indicating Method.
  13. Analytical method validation Protocol and reports/ Method transfer protocol of Critical API for (as applicable ).
    ✔Related substance
    ✔OVI, Residual solvent.
  14. Trend data for the last I0 batches of API bulk density
    ✔API Particle size.
    ✔API Solubility profile.
    ✔Excipient’s bulk density
    ✔Excipient’s Particle size.
    ✔Finished product trend analysis data
  15. Finished Product Samples (3 batches)
  16. Product Stability Data
  17. Annual Product Review
  18. Approved Vendor List
  19. Audit Report of vendors (Manufacturer)
  20. Product History (Critical product problems)
  21. Complaint History and Investigation Report
  22. Change control / History of product.
  23. Technical Agreement
  24. Access letters / Marketing authorization
  25. Dossiers transfer letters.
  26. Country’s FDA approval letter

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Technology Transfer Checklist For Sending Plant (Annexure):

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