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List of Engineering & Utility Equipment

In the pharmaceutical industry, Engineering & Utility equipment is very essential components of manufacturing drugs. Pharmaceutical manufacturing in the production area requires technical equipment to produce drugs. The pharmaceutical manufacturing process controls various parameters such as temperature, pressure, and flow rate. Engineers develop and implement process control systems that ensure consistent product quality and safety. Cleanrooms are also critical for the manufacturing of drugs, as they deliver a controlled environment free from contaminants through the design and building of cleanrooms and HVAC systems. Pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities and others utility systems such as water treatment, steam, and compressed air systems.

Complete List of Engineering & Utility Equipments

S. No.Name of the equipmentMake/ModelCapacity
1Vapour Absorption brine chilling plant (-15°C)Cooling people50 TR
2Vapour Absorption chilling plant (+5°C)Thermax/A214180TR
3Vapour compression ammonia chilling plant (-20°C)Kirlosker (Cooling people)/KC4250 TR
4Vapour Absorption chilling plant (+5°C)Thermax/B213230 TR
5Screw compressor chilling plan (+5°C)Sabroe (Cooling people)/SVA26E25360 TR
6Air compressor Elgi/EH03040120CFM
7Air compressorElgi/E37-10190CFM
8Air compressorElgi29.67cu.m/hr
9Air compressorIngersoll rond120CFM
10Oil fluid boilerThermax/60A6 Ton
11Coal-fired boilerThermax/MTF80A8 Ton
12Diesel generatorCummins/2300G750 KVA
13Diesel generatorCummins/2300G750 KVA
14Diesel generatorCummins/2300G750 KVA
15Diesel generatorCummins/2300G750 KVA
16Cooling towerPharpur/2230TO320TR
17Cooling towerPharpur/3861150 TR
18Cooling towerPharpur/2230TO320 TR
19Cooling towerPharpur/B1230TO200 TR
20Cooling towerPharpur/B1230TO200 TR
S. No.Name of the equipmentMake/ModelCapacity
21Cooling towerPharpur/2230TO320 TR
22Cooling towerPharpur/22103TO200 TR
23Cooling towerPharpur/22102TO320 TR
24Cooling towerPharpur/3861150 TR
25Cooling towerPharpur/3861100 TR
26Cooling towerWet Bulb150 TR
27Cooling towerWet Bulb150 TR
28Cooling towerWet Bulb150 TR
29Cooling towerWet Bulb750 TR
30Cooling towerPharpur/3861150 TR

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