Methyl Orange indicator Preparation | How to make w/v Methyl Orange

Aim: Methyl Orange Indicator Preparation | How to make w/v methyl orange


Glasswares: Burette, burette stand, conical flask, volumetric pipette, beaker, measuring flask, funnel, glass rod, wash bottle, storage container, etc.

Chemicals: Methyl orange, Ethanol 20 ml, and Distilled water.

Methyl Orange Indicator preparation

Procedure for Methyl Orange Indicator preparation

  • Prepare 1% weight by volume methyl orange indicator, first of all, take a weighing balance and put a petri dish on it, and tear it down.
  • Now take the methyl orange chemical from the stock bottle, Take methyl orange into the dish with the help of a spatula.
  • Weight precisely up to 1 gram, now take some methanol in a beaker up to 20 milliliters and put the methyl orange into it.
  • Start mixing it with the help of a spatula to make a homogeneous mixture.
  • Now take a measuring flask of 100 milliliters and put the funnel on the top of the flask start pouring all the solution into the volumetric flask.
  • Fill it up to the 100-milliliter point to add distilled water in it so take some distilled water into an empty beaker and pour it into the measuring flask to fill it up to the 100-milliliter point.
  • you have successfully prepared one percent (1%) weight by volume of methyl orange.
  • Store it in any bottle you want and use it according to your requirement.

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