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SOP on Storage and Movement of unlubricated granules / Transfer

1.0 Purpose: 1.1 To lay down the Standard Operating Procedure for storage and movement of unlubricated granules and their transfer to the blender room.

2.0 Scope: 2.1 This SOP is applicable to the storage and movement of all unlubricated granules and their transfer to the blender room in the Manufacturing Department of the Pharmaceutical industry.

3.0 Responsibility

SOP on Movement of unlubricated granules / Transfer

3.1 Well Trained worker / Operator shall be responsible for the movement of material in the Production Area as per this SOP.
3.2 Officer Production is responsible for the implementation of this SOP.
3.3 Head Production is responsible for ensuring overall compliance with this SOP.

4.0 Procedure

4.1 Storage of Unlubricated / Graded Granules:

4.1.1 Receive the Unlubricated Granules in closed Conta-bin/ In-process containers in double-lined fresh polybags, along with sifted lubricant in double-lined fresh polybags in HDPE drums.
4.1.2 Ensure that the proper Status Label is affixed on Conta Bin/ In-process containers of Unlubricated granules and on the HDPE drum containing the sifted lubricant.
4.1.3 Record the inward details of Unlubricated Granules as per Annexure I “Unlubricated Granules movement Record.”

4.2 Procedure for transfer of Unlubricated Granules to Blender Room:

4.2.1 Ensure the cleanliness of the Blender Room and its Line Clearance from IPQA before transferring the Unlubricated granules to the blender room.
4.2.2 Ensure the correct product name and B.No on unlubricated granules and lubricants to be sifted before transferring it to a blender room.
4.2.3 Transfer the Unlubricated granules and record their outward movement as per Annexure-I “Unlublicated Granules Movement Record.”

Precautions: Ensure proper handling of materials during the transfer process. Also, check persons who involve in the materials handling are followed the gowning procedure. Properly check the cleanness of the conta bin wheels while transferring them to a blender room.


No. Number
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SOP: Standard operating procedure
HDPE: High-density polyethylene
B.No. Batch Number
IPC: In-process container
Annex. Annexure

ANNEXURE-I: Unlublicated Granules Movement Record

Movement of unlubricated granules ANNEXURE
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