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Multimill; working and principle

Multimill is used widely in pharmaceuticals (granulation section), cosmetic, chemical, and bulk drugs for cutting granules into small particle sizes by the mechanism of cutting, Pulverization, and hammering.

Components of multimill:


Hopper inlet:

The hopper is used to feed products to the mill.

Milling chamber:

The milling chamber contains a screen to reduced particle size, and twelve milling and cutting edge blades and two scraper blades are responsible for milling.

Discharge point (chute):

These components are used for the collection of milled products.

Mechanical chamber and electrical chamber:

This section is used to installing all mechanical components like Gear, motor, moving belts, and electrical components like wiring, switches, and MCVs.

The principle and mechanism of multimill:

The principle involves variable force rotate blades having both knife and sharp edges with validated screen size to reduce particles in a controlled manner. The mechanism involves the pulverization process (Pulverization is grinding and crushing of materials into small particles) knife is used to cut the large particles into small size particles. These big particles are made from granules during the drying process in FBD. The hummer process is used to break the large particles into small sizes.

Speed ranges of multimill:

Multimill has a wide option of speed to run. It can be operated from 720 to 2880 RPM (also depends on manufacture).

Features of Multimill:

  • All parts are made of s.s 304/ s.s 316 grade.
  • All parts, mainly product contact parts, are easy to dismantle and clean.
  • Blades and scrapers are made of hard materials and plated with hard chrome.
  • It can be run for a long time continuously.
  • Use of cylindrical drum for high output.

Advantage and disadvantages of multimill:


  • It can be used for milled wet materials.
  • Easy for operational activity.
  • Variable speed options are also available.
  • Easy to dismantle and clean.
  • Required less space to install.


  • It causes more noise.
  • Chance of an accident on changes the speed frequently.

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