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SOP on the operation and cleaning Infrared Thermometer

1.0 Aim: To lay down standard operating procedure on operation and cleaning of infrared thermometer

2.0 Objective: This SOP is applicable for the operation and cleaning of infrared thermometer


3.1 Well Trained worker / Operator shall be responsible for operating it as per the given procedure

3.2 Officer Production is responsible for the implementation of this SOP.

3.3 Head Production is responsible for ensuring overall compliance with this SOP.

Definition: infrared is a device having the ability to the measured temperature of an object from a distance.

4.0 Procuration: Avoid skin exposure, radiation emitted from this apparatus.

5.0 Operation:

5.1 Before starting the operation, ensure the cleanness of the equipment’s

5.2 Ensure the calibration status of the infrared transmitter which are going to use

5.3 Press red button, laser beam shall be emitted, focus a laser beam on the object whose temperature to be measured

5.4 Temperature of focus object to be measured by laser beam and display on the laser infrared thermometer screen

5.5 Measurement shall be display temperature in Celsius (°C) and Fahrenheit (°C)

5.6 The measuring range of infrared thermometer is -18°C to 400°C and °F to 750°F.

6.0 Cleaning:

6.1 Clean the instrument with a dry lint-free cloth

6.2 Store the instrument in a storage cabinet

6.3 Affix the cleaned Label on it.

6.4 Enter the details of the uses in a logbook.

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7.0 Abbreviation:

SOP: Standard Operating Procedure

°C: Degree Celsius

°F: Degree Fahrenheit

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