SOP on Cleaning, Operation of the Automatic Dosing Cap Pressing Machine

1.0 OBJECTIVE: To lay down the procedure for Cleaning and Operation of the automatic dosing cap pressing machine.
2.0 SCOPE: This procedure is applicable for the Cleaning and Operation of the automatic dosing cap pressing machine in the liquid department.

Operator, Officer, Executive – Production Department
Manager – Production Department

4.1 Cleaning
4.1.1 Batch-to-Batch change over procedure (Type A): To maintain batch segregation- Remove the “ TO BE CLEANED “ label and affix the “ UNDER CLEANING “ label to
the machine. Ensure the dosing cup from the previous batch does not remain in the machine. Remove all the good and rejected bottles and dosing cups from the area and machine. Carry out the reconciliation. Destroy the rejected bottles and dosing cup. Mop the entire machine with a clean lint-free cloth. Attach the cleaned label to the machine. Records: Record the details of machine cleaning in the equipment usage log book.

4.2 Machine Setup and Operation
4.2.1 The machine consists of the following parts:
• Slat conveyor belt.
• Bottle star plate for feeding and discharging.
• Bottle guide
• Worm shaft assembly
• feeder pressing heads
• Cap feeder with chute. Panelboard –Description Connect the Panel Board with the main plug. Switch ‘ON’ the Main. Main ‘ON’ Indication lamp should glow On pressing the main motor Inch push button only the main motor should start at a low predetermined speed until the push button is been pressed. As the Inch push button is released the main motor should stop. On pressing the main motor start the push button to start the machine with the conveyor. On pressing the feeder motor inch push-button start the dosing cap hopper until the push button is been pressed. Direction of rotation – The machine should rotate clockwise direction and bottle movement should be from left to right direction
4.2.2 Machine Set-Up Ensure that the Dosing cap pressing machine is cleaned. Fix change parts if required as per bottle size. Adjust the height of cap hopper, chute track, and dosing cap pressing as per bottle size. After line clearance from Q. A. attached status label on the machine. Records the activity in the equipment logbook.

4.2.3 Operation Load the dosing cap in the cap hopper. Switch ‘ ON’ The machine Start cap feeding Machine for the continuous feeding of Caps Allow the filled and inspected bottles on the conveyer belt of the dosing cap pressing machine. If the machine is stopped during the shift for a lunch break, then leave no bottle on the conveyor belt. After completion of operation switch off the machine. Affix “TO BE CLEANED” label on the machine. Enter ending time of the batch in the Equipment Usages Logbook.

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4.3 NOTE
4.3.1 Ensure adequate oil level by reducing gearbox.
4.3.2 Lubricate daily all moving parts with food-grade oil when product is coming in contact and grease for closed parts.
4.3.3 Never start the machine in the reverse direction.
4.3.4 The speed of the machine can be varied.

SOP: Standard Operating Procedure.
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