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SOP on Disposal of Microbial Media in Microbiology

1.0 Objective: To lay down the procedure for Maintenance and disposal of Microbial media in Microbiology Laboratory

2.0 Scope: This Standard Operating for Maintenance and disposal of Microbial media in Microbiology Laboratory.

3.0 Responsibility:

Executive Microbiologist/ Microbiologist- for implementation of this SOP.

Head Production:- For overall compliance to this SOP

4.0 Distribution:

Master Copy – Quality Assurance Department

Control Copy – Quality Assurance Department

Display Copy – Quality Assurance Department


5.1 Maintenance of Slants / Butt and Culture :

5.1.1 All the received cultures slants/butt are considered a parent culture and labeled as a parent culture indicated by ‘P.’

5.1.2 From each parent’s culture slants/butt streak further into another six fresh pre-incubated slants/butt. Incubate at the specified temperature and period.

5.1.3 Label the slants/butt of each culture as P1 to P6 and keep P6 slants/butt like a mother culture.

5.1.4 After getting Growth evidence, P1 slants/butt of each culture again streaked into another five pre-incubator slants/butt of each culture of P1 and labeled them as P1.1 to P1.5. Moreover, incubate them at the specified temperature and period.

5.1.5 After getting evidence of growth in P1.1 to P1.5 slants/butt, further streak again into five pre-incubated slants/butt And labeling them as P1.1.1 to P1.1.5 for each culture and incubate them at the specified temperature and period.

5.1.6 After getting Growth evidence, use these sub passage slants/butt P1.1.1 to P1.1.5 for not more than 15 days.

5.1.7 Repeat step no. 5.1.4, 5.1.5, and 5.1.6 for P2, P3, P4, and P5 slants/butt and maintained the culture for one year, after completion of 1 year again order the culture slants/butt as per requirements.

5.1.8 Never use the sub passage of culture slants/butt for more than 15 days.

5.1.9 All the cultures slants/butt shall be stored in the refrigerator between 2 to 8°C.

5.1.10 On detecting any contamination in the culture slants/butt, discard that passage or sub passage and streak again into the fresh pre-incubated slants/butt and assign them as a new passage no.

5.2 Discard of the Used Culture Slants / Butt :

5.2.1 Add a small quantity of a suitable approved disinfectant to each culture slants/butt before their destructions.

5.2.2 Autoclave all the discarded cultures slants/butt at 121°C for 30 minutes at 15 lbs / in2.

5.2.3 Discard the autoclave culture slants / butt in ETP.

5.2.4 After the subculturing, immediately clean the LAF with filtered 70 % IPA and mop the microbiology testing room with any of the approved disinfectants used for that particular date.


IPA –Isopropyl Alcohol

LAF -Laminar Air Flow

QA – Quality Assurance

QC- Quality Control

SOP- Standard Operating Procedure

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