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Line Clearance Checklist point Production/packing

Before starting to pack any product, the Production officer and Q.A. officer should check the area based on the line clearance checklist mentioned in the BMR/BPR records. While conducting line clearance, make sure to follow all points to ensure product quality and prevent contamination, mix-up, and cross-contamination.

Line clearance checklist

Line Clearance Checklist point for Primary Area:

  • Are cleaned labels affixed on equipment as per the status labeling procedure?
  • Is the statue’s board updated?
  • Is the Area cleaned as per the frequency and types of cleaning?
  • Area temperature and Relative humidity are within limits?
  • Is the Differential pressure of the Area under control limits?
  • Do the personnel follow proper gowning procedures?
  • Is the area waste bin empty out?
  • Check if the Area is free from previous product residues.
  • Is the product waste container cleaned and devoid of previous batch material?
  • Rubber Stereo of the previous batch is removed and destroyed?
  • Metallic stereo of the previous batch is removed and retrieved?
  • Is the Area below the machine cleaned as per cleaning requirements?
  • Is the Area devoid of the foil of the previous batch?
  • Are Blister/Strip/ BQS Machine parts cleaned and free from previous product residues?
  • Are the following parts of the Blister/ strips machine cleaned?
    1. Hopper and bowl
    2. Product collector and vibrator/ Dust collector hood
    3. Chute channel
    4. Above and below the conveyor belt
  • Check the BMR/BPR is completed up to the last stage.
  • Are the Documents pertaining to the previous batch removed from the Area?
  • Open the side panel of the machine and check it is free from the previous batch product.
  • Check Is the toolbox devoid of previous batch products?
  • Is the De-blistering/ de-stripping cleaned as per relevant SOPs?

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