Pharmaceutical Guidelines provides an overview of important Recommendations lists all USFDA, ICH, WHO, GMP, MHRA, Schedule M, TGA, MCC, and other regulatory guidelines.

Basic Difference Between BMR and eBMR/eBPR in Pharmaceuticals

Most pharmaceutical manufacturing companies have understood that in order to achieve the stated goal of long-term business survival in today's… Read More

Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) in Pharmaceutical

Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) in Pharmaceutical

Good Laboratory Practice is not less important than Good manufacturing practice. In the manufacturing of drugs, overall Control is essential… Read More

What is GMP ­­­| cGMP | GMP Principle

Good manufacturing practice and current good manufacturing practice are both terms correlated with each other. Both GMP and cGMP same… Read More

ICH Guidelines in Pharmaceutical (updated)

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Accelerated stability testing (study) Important Questions

Interview questions on accelerated stability testing or studies from ICH (as per Q1A R2 and Q1B step 5) and FDA… Read More