Solid Dosage Forms: Tablets, Types, Quality Control Test

Solid Dosage Forms: Tablets, Types, Quality Control Test

Tablets are solid dosage forms that are manufactured worldwide in the pharmaceutical industry. These are manufactured by molding or by compression method. Tablets or capsules come in the solid dosage form categories. Examples of solid dosage forms include tablets, capsules, powders, dry powders, and sachet. What are Tablets in Pharmaceuticals? Tablets are unit, solid dosage forms that contain one … Read more

Dissolution Test Apparatus / Types of DT Apparatus Methods and Medium

Dissolution test apparatus uses

A Dissolution Test is used for in vitro Testing of the Tablets and Capsules. Dissolution provides the product Release info to know the drug delivery. Dissolution apparatus are used throughout the product development life cycle, from Product release to stability testing and study of the product data from product to product. Then after passing or approval from the … Read more

Tablets Manufacturing Defects and Remedies

Tablet defects and remedies

Sometimes issues happen during the manufacturing process of tablets, and we call them tablet manufacturing defects. Below is a Detailed discussion on Tablets Manufacturing Defects and Remedies that help to encounter these situations. So to provide and maintain the quality of products, tablets should be free from such visual defects. A pharmaceutical company that manufactures … Read more