The engineering involved in design facilities, machines, building, and overall improving facilities in pharmaceutical industries. This section will be updated regularly with addition of more articles and functions.

Difference between Humidity and Relative Humidity

If talk about the difference between Humidity and Relative humidity both are the same in terms of the presence of… Read More

HEPA Filter uses in Pharmaceutical manufacturing

HEPA Filter uses in Pharmaceutical manufacturing

The term HEPA means “High-efficiency Particulate Air,” sometimes called “High-Efficiency Particulate Arrestance,.” and what that basically means is that it’s a special kind… Read More

Good Practices for Air Handling Unit (AHU)

Air is one of the major sources of contamination for pharmaceutical products. That is why AHU Air design, monitoring, and maintenance are… Read More

User requirement specification (URS) in Pharmaceutical

User requirement specification (URS) is a list of all the requirements from the user, like equipment to be purchased. After the… Read More

Lux or Light intensity standards in pharma industry

Adequate Lux or Light intensity in the pharmaceutical industry is very necessary. Without adequate lighting, nobody can carry out their work accordingly… Read More

Pharmaceutical AHU and HVAC Components

In pharmaceutical AHU and HVAC play an essential role in controlling microorganism-free environments by supplying fresh air. In this article, we discussed… Read More

Effluent treatment plant in Pharmaceutical

The pharmaceutical industry generates lots of waste water during the production or formulation of medicines. So it is very important… Read More

Types of water in pharmaceutical

Water is widely used in pharmaceuticals for Batch manufacturing, active pharmaceutical ingredients, and analytical reagents. So, according to pharmacopeia, different… Read More

Importance of Differential Pressure in Pharmaceutical

Differential pressure in pharmaceuticals helps to prevent contamination and cross-contamination. Magnehelic gauge device is used to measure the pressure difference between… Read More