Quality assurance

Quality assurance involves, to ensure the quality at different stages of a product being manufactured in Pharmaceuticals. The following articles which help in understanding the different process at a different stage. All articles will be updated regularly as per GMP and Regulatory Requirement.

Difference between Humidity and Relative Humidity

If talk about the difference between Humidity and Relative humidity both are the same in terms of the presence of… Read More

Basic Difference Between BMR and eBMR/eBPR in Pharmaceuticals

Most pharmaceutical manufacturing companies have understood that in order to achieve the stated goal of long-term business survival in today's… Read More

Quality Assurance Checklist for BMR Realease

Quality Assurance Checklist for BMR Realease

Quality Assurance person shall ensure the following Checklist For BMR Release: The header section of the checklist must contain Product… Read More

Recall And Complaints Procedure for Product

Recall and complaints both are different things that are used for marketed products. Recall means a company’s removal and correction… Read More

Pharmaceutical Sampling, types, tools ( Guidelines)

Pharmaceutical Sampling is the involvement of the task designed to select some part of a product for a decided purpose. The Sample is… Read More

CAPA Corrective and preventive action in Pharmaceutical

CAPA is a quality management system used in pharmaceutical industries. The purpose of corrective and preventive action is to analyze,… Read More

Cleaning method validation in pharmaceutical by FDA

Pharmaceutical products contaminate pharmaceutical products; by a microorganism, cleaning agents, or other materials. in many cases, it may be due… Read More

4 types Process Validation,Pharmaceutical.FDA 2019

Validation is the established documents evidence or proof which provides a high degree of assurance that a specific method can… Read More