Calibration of UV-visible spectrophotometer

calibration UV-visible spectrophotometer

UV-visible spectrophotometer are widely used in the pharmaceutical industry for analyzing and quantifying various drug substances. It is important to ensure that these instruments are calibrated accurately and regularly to obtain reliable and accurate results. In this guide, we will take you through the calibration procedure and parameters of a UV spectrophotometer. Calibration of UV-visible … Read more

User Requirement Specification (URS) in Pharmaceutical

user requirement specification

User requirement specification (URS) is a list of all the equipment-related requirements from the user, The list shall be prepared based on the types of equipment to be purchased. After the preparation of the list, the URS documents are sent to the manufacturer to get the required materials as per the given criteria. The user department … Read more

Autoclave Validation | Study on temperature Probes

Autoclave validation temp probes

Autoclave validation is required to get effective Sterilization to ensure good product quality and also sterility of glassware and media used for analysis is very important for product manufacturing. Ineffective autoclave validation may cause deviation in sterility and it may lead to a false result. So data loggers play a very important role in recording the … Read more

Disintegration Test Apparatus: Diagram, Principle, Types, Procedure, Calibration, Limit and Assembly

Disintegration Test Apparatus

Disintegration test apparatus is widely used in pharmaceuticals to identify the disintegration properties of various types of tablets and capsules. The DT apparatus decides whether or not tablets or capsules disintegrate within a recommended time once placed in a liquid medium. What are Disintegration and Principle Disintegration is defined as that state in which no residue of the … Read more

Bowie Dick Test for Autoclave Validation

bowie dick test

The penetration of steam in all parts of the autoclave is essential for achieving and holding sterilization time. A Bowie dick test is done to know steam penetration within the autoclave with the help of the Bowie test pack. While the dense bubble in the load might block steam from getting in, the bowie dick test ensures … Read more

Fumigation and Fogging in Pharmaceutical

Fumigation and fogging are commonly used in pharmaceuticals to control microbial contamination in a controlled area. Fumigation is the gaseous sterilization process that kills microorganisms and prevents microbial growth in the air or on the surface of the wall/floor. Fumigation agents, like chemicals such as formaldehyde and potassium permanganate, are often used to control micro-organisms. This technique … Read more

Types of Water in Pharmaceutical, Usage and Technique to Prepare

Types of water

Water is widely used in pharmaceuticals as an ingredient, solvent for processing, analytical reagents, and Manufacturing of pharmaceutical products. So, according to pharmacopeia, different types of water are recommended as per the official book and chapter <1231>. Note: Information in this Article doesn’t change the existing guidelines and regulations. It helps users to understand or … Read more