Production involves, the stages of a product being manufactured in Pharmaceuticals. The following articles which help in understanding the different process at a different stage. All articles will be updated regularly as per GMP and Regulatory Requirement.

Fluidized bed dryer (FBD): Principle, Working, Troubleshooting, and Components

Fluidized bed dryer (also known as fluid bed dryers) are commonly used in the pharmaceutical industry to reduce the moisture… Read More

Track and Trace system in Pharmaceutical Packing

Track and trace system in pharmaceuticals is a process of determining the current and past history of products through their… Read More

Difference between Humidity and Relative Humidity

If talk about the difference between Humidity and Relative humidity both are the same in terms of the presence of… Read More

3 Types of Tablets Manufacturing Process in Pharma

Today's Countless tablets and pills are being produced worldwide. The following parameters have to be observed above all the compression… Read More

Blister Defects and Remedies in Pharmaceutical.

Blister Film is a plastic processing technology in which a flat plastic sheet is heated softly, vacuum adsorption is applied… Read More

Pinhole Detector, Principle and Working in Pharmaceutical

Pinhole is used in Pharmaceuticals packing machine to detect a hole in Lidding foil or Aluminium foil. So a pinhole… Read More

Metal Detector Challenge Test For Tablet Compression

A Metal detector is used to find out and remove small pieces of ferrous, non-ferrous, and SS during tablets compression in pharmaceuticals.… Read More

Gels in Pharmaceuticals: Types of Gels and Standard Test

Gels in Pharmaceuticals: Types of Gels and Standard Test

Gels In Pharmaceuticals are Homogeneous, Semisolid preparations usually consisting of solutions or dispersion of one or more medicaments in suitable… Read More

Inhalation Preparation | Aerosol | MDI and Standard Test

Inhalation preparations OR Pressurized Metered-Dose Preparation (MDI) are liquid or solid dosage forms intended for administration as vapors or aerosols to the… Read More

Quality Assurance Checklist for BMR Realease

Quality Assurance person shall ensure the following Checklist For BMR Release: The header section of the checklist must contain Product… Read More